In times of crisis there is a word that is repeated a lot: Resilience.

Psychology defines resilience as a person’s ability to overcome traumatic circumstances, and it has great value.

It helps you to keep going when circumstances are difficult and represents the ability of human beings to strive to achieve their dreams.

It is the human being’s response to life’s unforeseen events.

But the truth is that, despite using all the resilience you are capable of, you will never be certain that your goals will be achieved.

Because you are not in control of what surrounds your life. At most you manage your environment.


For those same moments God offers us a different word: Faith.

Faith puts the focus on God, not on us or our capabilities.

Faith represents trust in the power, mercy and perfection of God’s plan for our lives.

And this, God’s plan, is something that is always going to be fulfilled, as it did in Paul or Peter, if you don’t mess it up.

So if you have to be resilient and persistent in anything,it is in trusting God.

See you.


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Photo by Raechel Romero on Unsplash