Seek peace, and pursue it (Psalm 34:14).

One of our Lord’s titles is Prince of Peace, and one of the beatitudes makes express mention of peacemakers.

Likewise, Jesus left us his peace, not like the peace of this world, which is nothing more than an absence of conflict, but a true and inner peace capable of defeating the storms of the soul.

No wonder God’s command to Christians: Seek peace and pursue it.

Therefore, Christians must be active peace workers.

However, to be a peacemaker is not to be passive, nor does it imply that we cease to stand up against injustice. Because true peace arises from truth and justice.

Because of this, a true peacemaker, who seeks peace and pursue it, will raise his voice and work for the truth and justice of the Gospel to bring freedom and peace.

Cover image by Ben White on Unsplash