Throughout our lives God will bring us into situations where we will be asked to “go the extra mile”.

And not always along easy or fun paths.

His goal is not to annoy us or to keep us entertained. His goal is to make us go further.

When we think that enough is enough and that we can’t do any more, may we discover that in Him we have the strength to reach greater goals.

Goals of holiness, goals of love, goals of service and consecration.

This is because God wants us to reach the fullness of his vision. Much further than we could ever have dreamed.

And all for us to reach the prize He has prepared for us. And not just any prize, but the prize of supreme appeal.

Therefore, never look at the odometer of your work or your service for God.

Let us go with Christ to the end, not a mile less.


Cover image by Aleksandra Boguslawska  on Unsplash