After Christ’s ascension, the disciples could be tempted to remain hidden.

From their fears, perhaps they expected God to send someone special. Or perhaps they planned to work on reaching “perfection” before starting their work.

However, Jesus only commanded them to wait until they “received power from on high”. Then they would have to act.

In the same way, sometimes we receive God’s command to act, and because we feel weak and incapable, we decide to wait until we consider that we are sufficiently capable.

The problem is that, in spiritual things, we will never be capable enough on our own.

However, the Holy Spirit has already been poured out. And He completes what we lack.

So if God gives you the order to start a task, don’t excuse yourself like Jeremiah, don’t delay, and get going.

If you are obedient, and just as He did with Moses, He will go with you.


Cover image by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash



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